Enhance Hands-on Skills

A platform to efficiently create, provide, deliver, grade and monitor the hands-on labs.

Cloudkida Labs for Everyone

One-stop, cost effective solution for almost all Computer Labs.

  • Self-service portal, no need for any supporting staff.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • No Hardware to be maintained.
  • Massive Capacity, can accommodate as many candidates concurrently
  • Easily customizable labs and easy to update.

Experiential Learning As A Services

Introducing our one-stop solution for computer lab management, designed to be cost-effective and seamlessly adaptable to almost all computer labs. Our self-service portal empowers users to customize and update labs effortlessly, accessible from anywhere with no need for on-premise hardware or software licenses. With massive capacity and on-demand availability, our solution revolutionizes the management of computer labs, ensuring optimal efficiency and flexibility for educational institutions and businesses alike.

Experiential Learning

Our Mission is to Serve most hands-on labs

On-Demand Scalable resources

Resources are provided as per the labs and workload requirement.

No Hardware Requirement

CloudKida Labs is offered as Experiential Learning Services on Cloud.


Cost is only attached to provisioned resources and duration.

Anytime, Anywhere

CloudKida for Everyone

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